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Shaping the future of products with a leader’s touch. At the heart of product-led growth, my journey in product management bridges great ideas with market success. Where data inspires decision, innovation sparks insight, and your B2B and B2C products achieve their winning potential.


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The Product Management scene today is packed with talent. Learn not only to survive in it, but thrive and build a name for yourself.

Productized is your no-nonsense guide to building a personal brand that's all YOU, minus the fluff.

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Interim Head of Product

I partner with startups and established companies as their Interim Head of Product to elevate their teams and products, focusing on product ops, processes, growth, and strategy

Product & Growth Consulting

I collaborate with product teams to overcome barriers in product operations, discovery, and growth, steering them toward becoming product-led powerhouses with strategies tailored to their unique challenges and opportunities.

Private Training & Group Coaching

I provide product teams and startups with customized training and group coaching in product growth and discovery, specifically designed to address their unique skill gaps and needs

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I energize events with tailored speeches on a wide range of product management and growth topics for product teams and startups, crafting unforgettable experiences that resonate deeply

Product Tear Down & Audit

I offer companies a detailed product teardown and audit service, which includes a comprehensive analysis covering user journeys, growth strategies, design, and UX writing. This provides actionable insights to refine and elevate their digital products


1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

I guide individuals through the art and science of product management with personalized coaching tailored to their unique goals and challenges.

Voices of Collaboration

Find out how working with me boosts your business

I've worked with Shehab for almost half a year now, but I am impressed by his ability to come up with solutions to product challenges with complete agility and effectiveness. There were multiple times when his arguments were challenged. Still, I admire how he can carry the conversation constructively and influence the decision in his favor professionally and reasonably. He is one of those guys that can wear all De Bono's Hats when no one is.

Rakan TashkandiHead of Strategy at Qawafel

Showcase of Achievements

Case Studies

Discover the results delivered to my partners

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Building Taker's Marketing Suite and CRM

Navigating the digital landscape can be a maze for restaurants. That's where Taker stepped in. With a marketing suite and CRM tailored for the MENA's vibrant food scene, we've turned data into dishes that delight and clicks into loyal customers. Peek into my case study to see how intuitive analytics and a streamlined app experience boosted restaurant clients' growth by 20% and customer satisfaction by a quarter. Real tools, real growth, real stories.

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Strategizing and Delivering an MVP for an Intelligent Email Security Analysis Tool For Stealth Startup

Your inbox is your fortress, constantly targeted by phishing threats. My smart email security tool MVP is the solution. As a product consultant, I've transformed complex technology into a straightforward, user-friendly shield that effortlessly identifies phishing. This intuitive and effective tool gained quick traction. In just three months, my solo endeavor secured 20 company adopters. Dive into the case study that maps the journey from pinpointing user needs to creating a visionary product roadmap.


Revolutionizing B2B Commerce with Qawafel's Vendor Premium Platform

Crafting Qawafel's Vendor Premium Platform, I focused on the core needs of MENA's perishable food market, enhancing vendor operations and sales. The result was impressive, a 30% increase in vendor registrations and a 35% boost in revenue within the first year. Dive into the story of a platform that blends market research and user-centric design, reshaping B2B commerce.

Conceptual Product Showcase

Dive into crafted scenarios that illuminate my product management expertise

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Implementing a Loyalty and Rewards Program for Stay-N-Sleep: Product Case

Explore Stay-N-Sleep's journey in creating a guest-centric loyalty program. From user journey visualization to drafting wireframes, this case study dives into developing solutions that enhance guest experiences. Discover our approach inside.


Meta Social Traveling Feature: Product Case

Dive into the blueprint of Meta's Social Traveling Feature—turning social interactions into travel opportunities. This study covers the design of a Travel Planning Wizard and smart matching algorithms for a cohesive travel booking system on Meta.

Companies I've Founded

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We help product management leaders boost their influence and opportunities by leveling

up their personal brands.


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Product Wisdom Hub

Expand your understanding of product management through thoughtfully crafted articles


Can Lean Product Management Help Startups Build Strong Products?

In this article, we will look at what Lean is, how it can help you and how it can help your startup build great products that your customers love.


20 Things I’ve Learned About Product Management in The Last 2 Years

In this post, I am sharing 20 bite-sized lessons that I have learned over time — I hope they can help make you a better product manager, too.

Top PM Learning Picks

Handpicked books & courses to accelerate your PM journey


Recommended book

Escaping the Build Trap: How Effective Product Management Creates Real Value


Recommended book

Product Leadership: How

Top Product Managers Launch Awesome Products and Build Successful Teams


Recommended book

Continuous Discovery Habits: Discover Products that Create Customer Value and Business Value


My PM Journey

Carving out success in the industry without the usual roadmap

Join me on a real-life adventure through the world of product management. It's a story filled with passion, innovation, and the occasional leap into the unknown. From the early days of co-founding startups to spearheading game-changing product launches, discover the path I've taken to challenge the norms and achieve success.

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