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Interim Head of Product

Problem Statement:

Getting your product and team to the next level, while also finding someone who can be a true business partner, is a massive challenge. That’s exactly where I come in – to elevate your product and team, and guide you to success.

What You Get:

You'll have a Head of Product who's fully tuned into your market, product, and business needs. A head of product who will deliver the following:

  • Infrastructure Setup: I'll lay down a solid foundation for your product and team, ensuring they're primed for growth and scale.

  • Process Implementation: Using tools like Notion, I'll set up your product operations and create all the essential artifacts you'll ever need.

  • Product Strategy Development: Expect a comprehensive product strategy that's built around real user pain points, along with a clear, actionable roadmap.

  • Executional Lead: I won't just sit back and wait for things to happen. When it's crunch time, you'll see me rolling up my sleeves, drafting PRDs, and actively helping you cross things off the list. I’m here to get stuff done!

  • Team Building: Not only will I craft your product team hiring strategy, but I'll also assist in the hiring process to ensure you have the right talent on board.

How it works:

  • Quick Chat: Start with a 15-minute discovery call with me to outline your goals and needs. You can book it using my Calendly below.

  • Action Plan: I’ll quickly put together a recommended action plan and ensure we’re a perfect fit.

  • Showtime: Ready to roll in just a week, I get onboarded fast so we can start making a difference right away.


Shehab Beram's stint at Eskwelabs was nothing short of transformative. In a brief period, he established our product management framework and led the creation of our MVP for a new B2B SaaS EdTech platform. His adeptness with No-Code tools accelerated our ability to teach tailored data skills to diverse professional groups, aligning perfectly with our mission to foster social mobility through education. His contribution has set a standard for excellence and leaves a durable imprint on our growth trajectory.

Angela Chen-Delantar - Shehab Beram

Angela Chen-Delantar

Co-Founder at Eskwelabs


Strategically lead and sculpt your product vision

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An on-demand head of product

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