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The Product Alchemist: Tales From Shehab's Lab

Driven by Purpose, Guided by Expertise:

I’m Shehab, a product management aficionado, having worked with startups across diverse sectors, each with its unique challenges and rewards. With a blend of innovative strategies and tactical prowess, I've elevated products to achieve industry prominence.

Driving Business Growth at Mrsool:

As a Senior Product Manager at Mrsool, my role is focused on optimizing the experience of our business partners. I'm dedicated to enhancing their key metrics, such as monthly retained buyers and gross sales, by providing advanced marketing tools and analytics through Mrsool's platform. This approach ensures our partners can effectively track and boost their business performance.

Shehab Beram
Shehab Beram

A Confluence of Academia and Practice:

My academic pursuits at prestigious institutions underpin my practical approach. I'm working towards a Master of Management from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, a Master of Computer Science at London South Bank University, and previously earned a degree in Software Engineering from Lancaster University. Not to mention, I also have a Graduate Certificate in Strategic Technology Management from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Entrepreneurial Milestones:

My entrepreneurial spirit isn't just theoretical. Before delving deep into product management, I successfully conceptualized, launched, and scaled three unique products and co-founded a company. This hands-on journey instilled in me a keen sense of the market and user behavior.

Startup Growth Catalyst:


From paper sketches to market leaders, my journey in co-founding and consulting has been deeply intertwined with launching innovative products. My strategic insights and hands-on product leadership have not only birthed new products but also steered them to become standouts in the competitive digital arena, transforming startups into industry contenders.

Mentorship That Matters:

Beyond personal achievements, I take pride in shaping the next wave of product managers. As a mentor at CareerFoundry and Udacity, I guide professionals from myriad backgrounds, helping them transition smoothly into the world of product management.


Globally Attuned Strategist:

My journey across six countries on three continents offers me a unique perspective on product management. It's more than just understanding markets; it's about embracing and integrating diverse cultural nuances into product strategies. In a world where

businesses are global but consumers are local, I bridge this gap, ensuring startups resonate on a universal scale while still maintaining local relevance.


In Sync with the Startup Ecosystem:

Product management within startups is uniquely challenging, requiring rapid adaptation and keen foresight. My proactive engagement in industry seminars and workshops keeps me attuned to the ever-evolving startup landscape. This commitment to continuous growth ensures that the startups I guide remain innovative and resilient in a competitive market.

Crafting the Future, Together:

Ready to redefine success or venture deeper into product management? With an arsenal of knowledge, experience, and achievements, I'm your ally. Let’s craft the next success story.

Shehab's Rocket

My Roadmap

Attended a Front-end Software Development Bootcamp by Microsoft

Started a Honours BSc in Software Engineering

Earned Multiple International Certifications, Including:


Graduated with a BSc in Software Engineering

Attended a Pre-MBA (CORe) Program by Harvard University 

Attended Multiple Product Management Bootcamps by Product School, Udacity, and Department of Product.






Withdrew from a part-time MSc in Computer Science at London South Bank University after completing seven courses.

Started a second Part-time MSc in Management at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Completed Two Graduate Certificates: One in Strategic Technology Management and another in Global Business Challenges from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Earned Two Awards from the Chartered Management Institute: Level 7 in Management Consulting and Level 8 in Strategic Direction and Leadership


Graduated with a MSc in Management  from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Earned a Certificate in Product Portfolio Management from PMI

Started Taking Advanced Product Management and Product Growth Classes from Reforge 

Started Working as Software Engineer

Interned with Leading Desing Research Labs as a UX & Computer Science Researcher 

Founded my First Startup, Manasat

Interned for the First Time as a PM with 2 Companies

Started a Role as a Product Manager with Taker, the First Shopify for Restaurants in the MENA

Started a Role as a Product Manager with Qawafel, a B2B marketplace for Perishable Food Products

Started a Contract with LogRocket as Product Management Content Writer 

Started Permanent Part-time Contracts with Udacity and CareerFoundry as a Product Mentor

Taught a Product Management Bootcamp with OLO, the First Product Management Bootcamp Provider in the MENA Region

Started a Role as a Senior Product Lead with Mrsool, a Leading On-demand Delivery Network in the MENA

Started Consulting Startups on Product-led Growth (PLG) & Product Discovery Practices

Founded my Second Startup, VisionX, which is the First-ever Personal Branding Studio for Product Leaders

Published my Fist Book, Productized

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