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Building Taker's Marketing Suite and CRM

Problem Statement:

The restaurant industry faced significant challenges in adapting to the digital landscape and leveraging online platforms to drive growth and customer engagement. Despite the potential benefits of establishing an online presence and utilizing data-driven insights, many restaurants needed help to effectively navigate the complexities of marketing, analytics, and mobile application user experience.


Taker, a pioneering SaaS platform for restaurants based in the MENA region, recognized the need to address these challenges and sought to empower restaurants of all sizes to flourish in the digital era and have their own mobile app and website.

My Main Mission: 

My primary mission encompassed three key objectives:


  • Marketing Suite: I led the definition and creation of a feature-rich marketing suite, providing restaurants with tools like coupon creation, buy X get U, Combos, marketing automation, and many more. This suit allowed restaurants to maximize their sales potential.

  • Customer Analytics Tool: Focused on developing an intuitive customer analytics tool, I harnessed the power of data insights to empower restaurant owners with actionable data about their customer behavior, preferences, and ordering trends. This data-driven approach enabled them to make informed decisions and tailor their offerings to meet customer demands.

  • Mobile Application User Experience: Recognizing the significance of a seamless and delightful user experience, I enhanced the mobile application ordering channel. I aimed to increase the conversion rate for different funnels and streamline the checkout process.


💡Successfully revamped Taker's marketing suite, integrating five innovative tools and achieving a 20% increase in adoption rates among restaurant clients.

💡Developed and implemented a comprehensive product vision and strategy for Taker’s marketing automation suite, leading a team of 10 engineers to create a sophisticated customer segmentation tool.

💡Instituted customer feedback mechanisms, significantly enhancing the suite's features and contributing to a 25% rise in customer satisfaction ratings.

Taker Workshop by Shehab Beram

Extensive Competitors Research for Taker’s Marketing Suite (under NDA)

Taker Workshop by Shehab Beram

Marketing Suite Themes To Cluster Feature (under NDA)

Taker Workshop by Shehab Beram

Marketing Suite Roadmap (under NDA)

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