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Private Training & Group Coaching 

Problem Statement:

Ever feel like the training programs you spend your budget on just don’t cut it? They cover advanced topics, sure, but they're too general. They don’t really match what your team specifically needs or address the skills gaps they have.

What You Get:

Customized, intensive training and coaching that targets your team's specific skill sets and knowledge gaps. It’s all about what your team needs and how they can grow.

How it works:

  • Discovery Call: Book a quick 15-minute call with me. We’ll dive into your team's current skills, identify those gaps, and outline exactly what needs improvement. You’ll get detailed recommendations tailored just for your team.

  • Customize the Curriculum: Together, we'll pinpoint the topics and types of training that will benefit your team the most. It's all about hitting those key areas and making sure the training is relevant and impactful.

  • Schedule & Launch: We decide on the best days for the training and get everything set up. When the day arrives, we hit the ground running, fully prepared to make the most of our time together.

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Empower your team with targeted training and coaching


2 intensive days of training on a topic tailored to your team's needs.

You will cover the travel expenses if it is on-site


Most Popular Option


1 intensive day of training on a topic tailored to your team's needs


You will cover the travel expenses if it is on-site



An on-demand product trainer for your product team

Send me a message to understand your needs and agree on the terms

Topics Covered Previously

Topic 1: Advanced Agile Product Management


Ideal for mid to senior Product Owners and Product Managers, attendees will learn advanced product skills such as strategy, customer discovery, product positioning and differentiation, and dual-track agile.

You will learn:​

  • How companies are leveraging Product Management to drive disproportionate business results.

  • How to leverage continuous discovery and delivery to build innovative products.

  • Product Strategy and how to differentiate your product with effective positioning and unique value propositions.

  • Advanced Techniques for managing stakeholders and product evangelism.

Topic 2: Product-led Transformation for Leaders

Did you know that over 80% of transformation efforts fail and that last year globally, transformation efforts accounted for over $900 billion wasted? Learn what separates the successful 20% from the rest. Gain the skills and knowledge needed to lead a successful transformation in your organization. Designed for change agents, executives, and senior managers looking to take their first step towards being product-led.

You will learn:​

  • What do product-led organizations look like 

  • Why product-led organizations are so innovative and successful

  • What the ingredients are to a successful transformation and the warning signs to watch out for.

  • How culture shapes your organization and how to influence it for positive change.

  • How to cultivate a high-performance culture 

  • Discover your natural leadership style and what traits make a modern leader. 

  • How to become an effective change agent and coach senior leaders.

  • Measuring the benefits of your transformation.

  • Techniques for descaling your organization and working at scale.

Topic 3: Product Discovery Fundamentals

Learn about how to get started with Product Discovery and build healthy continuous discovery habits in your product teams. Product Discovery is a critical part of building delightful user experiences.  The best product teams leverage Product Discovery to identify user needs, assess opportunities, and validate solution concepts. Attendees will learn the fundamentals of Product Discovery and will walk away with actionable tools and techniques to help them embed better Product Discovery practices at your organization.

You will learn:​

  • The value of great Product Discovery 

  • Difference between Problem space and Solution space discovery.

  • Techniques for uncovering user problems and needs. 

  • Ideation and validating solution ideas.

  • Assessing opportunities

  • How to get started with Product Discovery.

  • Effective customer interviewing.

  • Generating insights and synthesizing.

  • Establishing healthy continual discovery habits.

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