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Product Tear Down & Audit

Problem Statement:

Ever feel like you're stuck in the build trap? You're churning out products but somehow missing the mark on how you're perceived in the market. Or maybe you're nailing the build but overlooking crucial parts of your product journey or strategy—things like retention strategy, product acquisition, or activation. It's a common place to find yourself, but it's also a tricky one to navigate out of without some external insights.

What You Get:

You'll receive a comprehensive, visually engaging, and scientifically backed report, along with a walkthrough video, that dives deep into various aspects of your digital product, including:

  • User Journey Examination: A detailed look at each phase of your product's user journey.

  • Growth Components Analysis: An evaluation of your retention, acquisition, activation, and churn, complete with key recommendations for improvement.

  • Actionable Recommendations: Tailored advice for each stage of the user journey, based on our thorough analysis.

  • Design Analysis: A review of your product's design against Heuristic Evaluation principles.

  • UX Writing Insights: An exploration of the finer details, like your UX writing, to ensure clarity and engagement.

How it works:

  • Optional Intro Call: Book a Calendly call with me to discuss your product, your position in the market, and how you stack up against competitors.

  • Access Provision:  You provide me with access to your product, along with any user research data or product dashboards needed for a comprehensive analysis.

  • Analysis Period: Over the course of a week, I conduct an in-depth audit and analysis of your product.

  • Report Delivery: You receive the most comprehensive product audit and analysis report along with a walkthrough video, filled with insights and actionable steps to take your product to the next level.


Refine your product's potential with expert analysis

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Product Auditing


1 extensive product audit report accompanied by a walkthrough video.


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