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Revolutionizing B2B Commerce with Qawafel's Vendor Premium Platform

Problem Statement:

At Qawafel, a challenge presented itself in the B2B perishable food product market across the MENA region: vendors and manufacturers needed an advanced system to better manage and oversee their operations. There was a gap in the market for a platform that could enhance vendor sales and operational efficiency through integrated marketing, analytics, product feedback, and operation management tools.

My Main Mission: 

At Qawafel, my focus was to bring the Vendor Premium platform to life, a key initiative to transform how vendors engage in the perishable food products market.

1. Product Strategy Development:

  • Embraced a user-centric approach, reminiscent of continuous discovery practices, to ensure the platform met the evolving needs of vendors.

  • Integrated habit-forming features like sending product samples aimed at increasing platform engagement and stickiness.

Qawafel Product Workshop by Shehab Beram

Vendor Premium Business Model Canvas (Under NDA)

2.  In-depth Product Discovery:

  • Conducted thorough market research and user interviews, guiding the platform's development with real-world insights.

  • Regularly tested and iterated features, in line with lean startup methodologies, to refine the platform’s offerings.

Qawafel Product Workshop by Shehab Beram

Workshop to Analyze Product Insights and Anecdotes from Vendor Interviews (under NDA)

3.  Stakeholder Engagement and Alignment:

  • Collaborated closely with stakeholders across the organization to align product development with strategic business goals.

  • Ensured the platform's features and roadmap reflected both vendor needs and Qawafel’s long-term objectives.

Qawafel Product Workshop by Shehab Beram

Motivators Board: Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation (under NDA)


💡Achieved a 30% increase in vendor registrations within the first six months post-launch, demonstrating strong market acceptance.

💡Implemented a tiered subscription model which contributed to a 35% boost in platform revenue during the first year.

💡Realized a 15% expansion in market reach following the platform's launch, drawing in a wide variety of new vendors and enhancing the platform's user diversity.

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