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Product & Growth Consulting

Problem Statement:

Product teams are hitting wall after wall. A study from the Product Management Festival highlighted a few pain points like 'Competing Priorities', 'Lack of Role Clarity', and challenges in 'Influencing Management' as top issues. On top of that, there's the whole growth aspect. Many teams struggle to shift their company towards being product-led. They're missing out on crucial strategies for developing PLG (Product-Led Growth) tactics, like creating effective Loops & Flywheels. It's clear that an external product leader can make a world of difference.

What You Get:

Did you know? Over 70% of folks surveyed by 280 Group believe profits could jump 20-40% if their Product Management was on point. Here’s how I step in:

  • Org Design & Team Structure:  I’ll take a close look at your setup and offer tailored advice.

  • Product Maturity Baseline: Through assessments, we'll find out where your product stands.

  • Scalable Practices & Processes: Introduction of practices that grow with you.

  • Coaching Plans: Personalized for you and your team to excel.

  • Competency Framework: Building and implementing a framework for Product Management excellence.

  • Tailored Workshops & Training: Exactly what your team needs, nothing less.

And for those aiming for product growth, here is what you get:

  • Transformation Strategy: Leading your shift to a product-led model.

  • PLG Strategy Development: Crafting a strategy that fits like a glove for your product and team.

  • Custom Loops & Flywheels: Tools for sustained product growth, made just for you.

  • PLG Coaching: From beginners to heroes, I’ll guide your team every step of the way.

How it works:

  • Let's Talk: Book a call with me. It’s crucial we understand each other and see if we're a good match.

  • Dive Right In: Based on your needs, we'll get started immediately, aiming to boost both your product and growth to new heights.

Previously Worked With

Mobily - Shehab Beram
Presto Eat - Shehab Beram
Al-Rajhi Bank - Shehab Beram

Shehab Beram's stint at Eskwelabs was nothing short of transformative. In a brief period, he established our product management framework and led the creation of our MVP for a new B2B SaaS EdTech platform. His adeptness with No-Code tools accelerated our ability to teach tailored data skills to diverse professional groups, aligning perfectly with our mission to foster social mobility through education. His contribution has set a standard for excellence and leaves a durable imprint on our growth trajectory.

Angela Chen-Delantar - Shehab Beram

Angela Chen-Delantar

Co-Founder at Eskwelabs


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