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Reviving Creator Engagement on Canva: Product Case


In this hypothetical product case study, I assume the role of Head of Product at Canva, the leading online design and publishing tool. Since its launch in 2013, Canva has been on a mission to empower users worldwide to design anything and publish anywhere, amassing an impressive 100 million registered users by 2021. With 67% of these users subscribed to the paid version, Canva has reported a revenue of $1 billion and witnessed the creation of 8 billion designs on its platform. However, recently, we have observed a concerning decline in the number of active creators, attributed to the rising popularity of competing applications like Adobe's Indesign and CorelDRAW.


Goals and Objectives:

1. Retain and Engage Creators:  The primary goal of this initiative is to reignite creator engagement on the Canva platform. We aim to identify the reasons behind the declining number of active creators and address their pain points effectively. By enhancing the platform's existing features and introducing new ones tailored to creators' needs, we seek to reinvigorate their interest in Canva, encouraging them to continue creating and sharing their designs.


2. Attract New Creators and Users: Our objective is to attract new users and aspiring creators to start using the Canva platform. To achieve this, we will launch enticing new features that cater to the preferences and demands of potential creators. By providing a user-friendly and intuitive interface, along with tools that foster creativity and design exploration, we aim to establish Canva as the go-to platform for individuals seeking to unleash their design potential.


By achieving these goals, we will ensure the sustained growth of Canva's user base and secure our position as the leading online design and publishing tool, empowering creators worldwide to unleash their imagination and design anything they envision.

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