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Strategic MVP Development and Agile Process Implementation at Eskwelabs

Problem Statement:

Eskwelabs, an innovative online data upskilling school, faced challenges in establishing effective product management and discovery processes. As a startup venturing into B2B SaaS EdTech, there was a critical need for expert guidance to develop the MVP of a new product tailored for corporate teams and product managers.

My Main Mission: 

When I joined Eskwelabs, I was immediately thrust into a very dynamic environment. As the first Product Manager, my role was pivotal in shaping the startup's trajectory in the B2B SaaS EdTech domain.

1. Discovery and Strategy:

  • My journey began with setting up a discovery process, a critical step in aligning our product with the market's pulse and customer expectations.

  • The task was challenging yet thrilling, as I charted unknown territories and laid down the foundation for our product strategy.

2. Designing the MVP through Lean Inception:

  • Over four intensive days, I led a workshop following the Lean Inception methodology. Here, we:

    • Crafted detailed user personas.

    • Mapped out intricate user journeys.

    • Identified and prioritized key product features, balancing value, complexity, and business impact.

  • The culmination of these efforts was a clear roadmap and the first Lean Canvas, signaling the birth of a product poised to make its mark.


Shehab's Product Workshop

Lean Inception Workshop (Under NDA)

3. Building the Product Process:

A key part of my role at Eskwelabs was to build a solid product process from the ground up. Working closely with a newly hired Junior Product Manager, we:

  • Established Scrum practices tailored to our team's needs, ensuring we had a clear, agile way of working.

  • Defined the scope of our projects, organizing our tasks using Kanban to keep everything on track.

  • Focused on creating in-depth documentation, which was crucial for keeping everyone aligned and informed.

4. Enhancing Team Collaboration:

Recognizing the need for a more cohesive approach across various app projects, we implemented several initiatives:

  • Started regular Product Circles and Sharing Sessions every two weeks, boosting communication and learning within our team.

  • Analyzed the user flows of all our apps to spot common features and differences. This helped us build a technical base that made designing new apps more efficient.

  • Organized roadmap alignment meetings, ensuring our quarterly planning was focused and effective.


💡Conceptualized and defined the MVP for Eskwelabs in just one month, efficiently translating market and user insights into a viable product vision.

💡Established a comprehensive product process, integrating agile methodologies and fostering a streamlined, effective workflow within the team.

💡Significantly improved alignment and collaboration between the product team and stakeholders, achieved through targeted individual coaching and the implementation of enhanced communication practices.

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